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Hiking & Mountain Climbing 1 valley - 1000 km of hiking paths - hiking in nature, sun, adventure, freedom ...

Hiking in the Zillertal mountains in Tyrol is a special experience. In this mountain scenery, you will never stob being astonished. From beginner to avid mountainee, there is something for everyone. How about a short summary? Approximately 1000 km of hiking paths (easy to challenging), numerous huts, snack stations and hill farms, diverse theme hikes, guided hikes, perfectly trained mountain and hiking guides, and...the Zillertal mountains serve as the superb scenery for a hiking program. 

As a member business of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park, Hotel Sieghard guests can participate in a hiking program of the finest. If you would to hike in a group and get to know nice people, you will find a special hiking program with many great highlights!

From Monday to Friday, experienced nature park hiking guides will show you the natural jewel that is upper Zillertal on easy, intermediate, and difficult hikes. Get to know the most beautiful places and enjoy the most magnificent views in and around Mayrhofen.

More about the nature park hiking program

In summer, a total of 11 lifts take hikers to the most beautiful starting points of wonderful tours. All hiking paths are well signposted and lead through very diverse terrain.

Here are a few hiking tips from us:

Berliner Hütte
The starting point is the parking lot at Gasthaus Breitlahner (1257m) -after you cross the bridge, stay on the supply road which leads to Wirtshaus Alpenrose (1873m) - from here, a steep path takes you to the Berliner Hütte (2040m) From Mayrhofen, you can take the public bus or car to Gasthaus Breitlahner (1257m) (parking for a fee). From here, head south over the stream on a supply road through a section of forest. Go past the Klausenalm snack station and continue into the valley to the Schwemmalm (1350m). The road then leads in a few curves to the Grawandhütte (1636m). A steep path now runs from the hut to the Grawand Alm. Of course, you can also continue on the road. Hiking along the Zemmschlucht gorge, the path will take you to Wirtshaus Alpenrose (1873m). This is where the supply road ends, and the trail leads past the war memorial of the Berlin Alpine Association to the Berliner Hütte (2040m).  Duration ( 5-6 hrs. ),  difficulty ( intermediate )

Max Hütte
The shortest ascent begins at the Schlegeisstraße. Up to this point, it is reachable by car. However, there are only a few parking opportunities along the road. The starting point is in the town of Ginzling (985 m). To avoid having to hike along the road in the direction of the Schlegeis reservoir, you can follow the narrow road into the Floitental,. Leave this road after the second bend and take the signposted path 522 until you reach the path that comes from the Schlegeisstraße. Now, follow signs on the left for the "Maxhütte" (1445m) - this path (wide at first then narrow and rocky) will bring you to Gunggl valley. At the Gunggl-Alm, you will see the Maxhütte right across the way. A bridge will lead you to the hut. Another possibility is driving from Ginzling towards Schlegeis. After a short time, you will come across the sign for the Maxhütte on the left. There are usually cars parked along the side of the road.

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